Per Jonsson
Startup Founder, Entrepreneur & Speaker
Per Jonsson is a Stockholm-based technology entrepreneur with a passion for products that enable positive behavior change :star:

I am currently the co-founder of Astrid, the AI-powered productivity coach. In addition to that, I speak regularly on corporate training, leadership, HRTech and the future of work.
Startups I've founded.
From tech products to physical communities, I'm passionate about making people thrive at work and in their personal lives.
Products I've worked on.
In addition to the companies I've founded, I have contributed to a number of others startups and technology products.
A platform to connect locals and newcomers over homecooked dinners. I designed the core user journeys and built an early version of the product in Python Flask.
Minds Unlimited
A platform to create and distribute mindfulness courses. I designed the product and developed it using Python Flask, later migrating it to Ruby on Rails.
A microlearning platform with evidence-based habits for greater wellbeing. I built the entire platform in Python Flask, later migrated it to Ruby on Rails.
The official website for the global AcroYoga movement. I lead a complete rehaul of the website implementing Ruby on Rails on a tight budget with a globally distributed team.
An app to support therapists with offering self-care to clients in between sessions. I supported the Viary team with expertise on product design and development.
A platform to share knowledge between professional healthcare workers. I invented the concept, productized it, sold it to SKL and built the platform on Ruby on Rails.
A platform to find locally produced food from farms close to where you live. I invented the concept, built a prototype in Groovy Grails, had it running for a while, then closed it down.
A platform to share videoblogs long before videoblogging was even a thing. I invented the content, built the platform in PHP, had it running for a while, then closed it down.
A PHP web development framework based on the MVC design pattern. I co-created it together with my co-founders, first using it for a client and later open sourcing it to share.
A hybrid technologist.
I take on different roles in my startups, depending on what the context needs from me.
Web Developer
I am fluent as a frontend and backend developer with extensive experience from modern web technologies such as Node.JS, React, Ruby on Rails, Java and Python.
Experience Designer
I am fluent as a UI/UX designer with extensive experience from iterative customer development and visualizing products using software such as Sketch and Photoshop.
Coach & Facilitator
I am fluent as a coach, mentor and facilitator with extensive experience from coaching both individuals and teams in how to collaborate effectively to reach desired goals.
A seasoned speaker.
I am an experienced public speaker on leadership, corporate training and the future of work.
Corporate Training
How has corporate training evolved and where will it be in 5 years?
How do we create strong leadership at scale?
Future of Work
How does work look like in 20 years from now?
Feel free to contact me.
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